Since 2012 when I was elected Rutherford County’s Property Assessor, I’ve valued political races centered on policy, not personal matters or attacks. In our community, mudslinging, especially among Republicans, has no place. We’ve worked too hard to achieve positions of leadership so that our county and its citizens benefit from true conservative policies and practices. Embracing Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment is crucial; we must set an example for future generations.

Choosing the high road, though challenging, pays off by fostering goodwill for everyone involved. Negative campaigns undermine unity and question the attacker’s integrity. As a property assessor, advocating for an independent constitutional office, I stress the need for a landscape where facts matter, and truth isn’t sacrificed for political expediency.

In a world straying from honest discussions, this literally jeopardizes civil society. We often see the political left do this to conservatives and Republicans, but we should never do this to each other. Let’s all champion a political dialogue prioritizing transparency, commitment to community, and recognizing the property assessors’ vital role in preserving our community’s integrity. Together, we can build a future reflecting the best of our conservative values. —Rob Mitchell