Murfreesboro, TN Tennessee State Representative Charlie Baum, officially endorses Rob Mitchell for re-election as Rutherford County’s Property Assessor. Republican Baum is an education, business and community leader and recently gave his enthusiastic endorsement to the nearly twelve-year Property Assessor. Professor Baum has been teaching Economics at MTSU since 1999 where he served at the department chair from 2008-2014 and has been cited in publications such as Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, U.S. News and World Report and the New York Times for his research on issues such as employment trends, wages, labor force participation rates, and employment benefits.

“Rob has served our county well for twelve years and there is absolutely no reason to change horses mid-stream. He’s qualified, hard-working, honest, and fair. He’s the right person for Property Assessor—especially given the dramatic growth in our county since he took office. He loves his job and has done a great job. I know he’ll keep up the good work when we re-elect him as our Property Assessor”, State Representative Baum stated recently.

As Property Assessor Rob has led the effort to make government run more efficiently and effectively. Rob is a Middle Tennessee native and graduated from MTSU with a degree in business. As a former small business owner and independent insurance agent, Rob knows how important it is to serve customers.

Rob Mitchell, Rutherford County Property Assessor said, “Professor, State Representative and fellow MTSU alum, Charlie Baum has become a great personal friend and a supporter of what we are doing at the Property Assessor’s office. I am so proud of his endorsement because he is an economics expert and knows how important fair property assessments are to our county. Thank you professor and State Rep Charlie Baum. I’m honored to receive your endorsement.”

Charlie Baum also served as a Rutherford County Commissioner from 2010-2018, so he worked directly with Rob Mitchell for 6 years before being elected to the State House in 2018. While on the County Commission he chaired the Audit Committee and served on the Budget, Finance and Investment committees.

“Representative Baum is a wealth of knowledge and a trusted advisor. Not only was he an Eagle Scout, he’s currently a board member of the Oaklands Mansion, and has served on the boards of the Community Foundation of Rutherford County, Murfreesboro Domestic Violence Center, the United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, the Murfreesboro City Schools Foundation, the Linebaugh Library Foundation, and the American Heart Association. His endorsement is both encouraging and provides a positive challenge for me as Rutherford County’s Property Assessor”, stated Rob Mitchell, Rutherford County Property Assessor

A few endorsements for Rob Mitchell:
• TN State Senator Shane Reeves
• TN State Rep Charlie Baum
• TN State Rep Tim Rudd
• Rutherford County Commissioner Paul Johnson
• Rutherford County Commissioner Joshua James
• Rutherford County Commissioner Chantho Sourinho
• LaVergne Mayor Jason Cole
• Smyrna business legend, Ginny Olerud Williams
• Murfreeeboro business legend, Mike Bickford

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